eQuoo focus groups inform largest of its kind mental health trial for UK college students

This week, various focus groups of A Level students at City of Oxford College and University Centre were joined by Silja Litvin, CEO of PsycApps Digital Mental Health and developer of eQuoo, to test and discuss the upcoming college-based Randomised Controlled Trials (RCT) using cutting-edge mobile mental health app, eQuoo.  

Activate Learning, together with another large group of colleges, NCG, are joining forces with PsycApps Ltd to address the rising demand for mental health support for young people in education in what is the largest clinical trial of its type.  

eQuoo is a clinically-proven gamified app designed to improve student emotional health by tapping into skills that are shown to boost resilience and encourage personal growth, while reducing anxiety and depression.   

Wellbeing as a strategic driver

As part of Activate Learning’s Empowering Learning strategy, wellbeing is a strategic driver:  

“We recognise that how our students feel has a massive impact on how well you are able to function, both in your studies and in the job you do. When people are happy, have a sense of belonging and feel well, they are able to focus on the task at hand better and have more resilience to take on any surprises life may throw at them. 

“Activate Learning celebrates and cherishes the diversity of those who work and study with us. We want everyone to feel safe on our campuses and know they will be treated with respect as their wellbeing is important to us.” 

EQuoo app to gamify better emotional health

The first group trialled different modules on the eQuoo app before offering invaluable feedback to better inform the experience for others. 

The second group detailed the landscape at college and the key things that affected their mental health day-to-day.  

The third group discussed entrepreneurship and learned more about eQuoo and its parent company, PsycApps.  

Due to launch in early 2024 to over 10,000 students, these focus groups will provide invaluable feedback to better inform the application and its use for this large cohort of young people at college.  

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