Planned closure of Botley Road in Oxford

As you may know, work is taking place to expand capacity at Oxford Railway Station. 

This will see a replacement bridge created and the existing Youth Hostel on Botley Road will be knocked down to make way for an additional platform and Western entrance to Oxford Railway Station. 

Due to the substantial nature of the works, Botley Road will be closed to all traffic from the end nearest to the Botley Bridge. It will not be possible to drive into the city centre along the Botley Road.  

This closure will take place in phases, to minimise impact on residents and those studying or working in the city: 

  • First road closure: 11 April to October 2023. Botley Road will be closed to traffic at the railway bridge between Cripley Road and Frideswide Square to allow for diversion of utilities. 
  • First railway closure: From 29 July-6 August 2023. All railway lines through Oxford will be closed for track and platform work.  
  • Second road closure: From March-October 2024. Botley Road will be closed to traffic for highway work.  
  • Second railway closure: A four-day closure period for bridge replacement works. This will take place during August 2024 (exact date to be confirmed)

Please note that City of Oxford College will remain open as usual throughout this period. 

Please see some information on changes to your journey into college. We would also advise everyone to allow for extra time when travelling into campus, especially during the GCSE English and maths exams period.   

Information for public transport users, pedestrians and cyclists 

If you drive into the city using Botley Road, you are advised to use Seacourt Park & Ride or take an alternative route into the city centre.  

Students and staff travelling by bus to the Oxford city-centre campus at City of Oxford College from the Western side of the city, including services from Witney, Wantage and Swindon, will need to leave the bus at the final stop, just before the rail bridge. They will then be able to continue their journey on foot.  

If you are travelling by train, please note there is no planned impact on train services until summer 2023 (see exact dates above).  

Pedestrians, mobility scooters, cyclists and local residents will have access throughout the works. Diversions may apply.  

Information for car drivers 

Drivers are encouraged to use public transport or to carpool wherever possible, in line with our strategic driver of sustainability and to avoid alternative routes becoming congested.  

However, if you are driving along the Botley Road, please park your vehicle at Seacourt Park and Ride, which has expanded capacity.   

Where can I get more information? 

We will continue to update you on the progress of these works throughout this year and next on this page.  

We would advise you to also visit this dedicated Network Rail page for the latest information on these works.