Students: Important updates regarding temporary lanyards and college access

We hope that you are continuing to enjoy you studies with us at college.  

This term we are focusing on behaviours, as we try to reinforce the positive behaviours needed to make our campuses safe and welcoming environments for everyone. These positive behaviours will also be required of you all when you leave college and go onto further studies or out into the workplace.  

One area of renewed focus for us is student ID badge and lanyards and, because of this, we are planning to make some changes around the issuing of temporary IDs and lanyards.  

Over the past few months, we’ve seen a significant number of temporary IDs and lanyards issued to students, with some people receiving multiple lanyards. 

This pattern of behaviour needs to stop and to help tackle this issue, we are making the following changes.  

Key changes: 

  •  We will be reinforcing our policy that students will no longer be able to access colleges without their ID badge and lanyard. If you forget your ID badge and lanyard, you must request a temporary pass (lanyard) from reception or another designated place. 
  • We will now only issue three temporary passes (lanyard) to students. If you forget your ID badge and lanyard more than three times in an academic year, there will be action taken by your faculty. This will include verbal warnings, written warnings, and, if necessary, involvement of parents or guardians. 
  •  If you forget your ID badge and lanyard more than three times you will be charged for a new one and face disciplinary action from your faculty.   

A reminder of your responsibilities on campus: 

Please ensure you wear your lanyard and ID badge consistently, and if you forget it, promptly request a temporary one.  

This is not just about following rules but ensuring the safety and security of everyone in our college community, allowing us to ensure we know who is meant to be on campus and who isn’t.  

Thank you for your co-operation and understanding as we work together to maintain a secure and inclusive college community. 

Best regards, 

Activate Learning