Bookkeeping and accounting skills lie at the heart of success for thousands of organisations.

You don’t need a business or a financial degree to get into accounting.

If you enjoy working with numbers and are looking for a varied, stable and well-paid job then get an Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) qualification in accountancy with Activate Learning!

Accountancy can be a very diverse career. You can train in business, practice or banking and once qualified, accountants can be found in high-level positions all over the world! There are various specialisations, such as consulting, corporate finance and forensic accounting.

With us, you’ll get AAT-approved programmes that lead to professional bookkeeping status; developing your core skills in business administration, boosting your employability, and supporting your progression into higher education, if this is your intended route.

If you want to work as a professional accountant, we offer a pathway that combines two advanced stage qualifications:

  • AAT diploma for Accounting Technicians
  • a diploma in Business, Accountancy Pathway

There are significant employment opportunities in this sector, with the number of business-related roles across England forecast to rise by approximately 150,000 in the next seven years.

The accountancy profession plays a crucial supporting role in all types of commerce. The collection, analysis and reporting of financial information is key to business decision-making and administration at all levels. Accountants reported that technological literacy, relationship building, and business advisory were the top three skills needed by those going into the profession in the coming years, all of which you will be introduced to at Activate Learning.

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Carly, Accountancy Level 4 Since I’ve been looking for a new job in accountancy, I’ve come to realise that the qualification I’ve got covers so much of what people are looking for. I can really see that I’ve been given exactly the skills and knowledge that people are looking for in the job market. 
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