Activate Rugby Academy

We provide talented young rugby players (aged 16–18) the opportunity to pursue their chosen academic pathway alongside their rugby ambitions.

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Achieve with Activate Rugby Academy

Join our rugby program to pursue your aspirations, whether it's becoming a professional player, transitioning into coaching or backroom roles. As part of our program, you'll experience the closest thing to professional rugby at the U18 level, participating in the RFU ACE League, a widely-renowned competition at the highest level of college sport.

Located at Harcourt Hill, you'll benefit from specialised coaching, and play in matches at Oxford Harlequins. You will also have access to our state-of-the-art gym, strength and conditioning, and sports therapy facility at the City of Oxford College city-centre campus.

Your rugby and academic schedule

Your schedule will include practical rugby sessions with academic lessons, supported by modules designed by sports professionals. These modules will enhance various aspects of your game, from game interpretation to mental and physical preparation and recovery.

As a member of the ACE squad, your typical week includes:

  • Timetabled academic lessons
  • Seven hours of contact time plus one ACE matchday
  • Strength and conditioning and prehab sessions
  • Units/Team Rugby and analysis sessions
  • Additional (optional) sessions over the weekend

While we recognize your passion for rugby, academic studies must remain your top priority in our program.

You will learn alongside our experienced staffing team, including:

  • Head Coach and Manager Elite
  • Rugby Coordinator and Pastoral Lead
  • Full-time Assistant Coach
  • Strength and Conditioning Lead and Assistant Coach
  • Physiotherapist and Assistant Physio
  • Analysis Support

You will also be able to access support services throughout your studies, including an analysis platform, access to medical staff on training days, meetings with coaching staff, and a Pastoral Lead to review academic progress.

Accommodation in Oxford can be organised for programme students.