Dot, FdA Furniture Design and Make

“Having just finished sixth form and being interested in practical subjects like DT, this course is the perfect hands-on way of learning.

With an expansive workshop on the Furniture and Design course, I can carry out wood work with state-of-the-art equipment. Working with wood to create furniture is unique; I thrive in this course that is different to most. Not to mention, I hadn’t been to Oxford before starting this course at Activate Learning, which is exciting.

Developing my sketchbook work has been a highlight, as I have learnt to investigate a multitude of designs and I have concrete evidence of my development. With this learning experience, I can really push my ideas and not just settle on an initial concept.

Not only have I discovered the history of design through the excellent theory in this course, I’ve also honed in my own style.

I am interested in simple and contemporary designs. The support of my tutors and my own independence has meant that I create work that is what I’m interested in. I like functionality, simplicity and smooth finishes. Without the clutter, a sleek desk design allows for a focused mind-set.

It’s great to see those identifying as female on the course, it’s welcoming and diverse here, I recommend it to all! This is important as I believe the industry needs more equality and representation.

Beyond the course, I will be prepared to work in different workshops and eventually develop my own company.”

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