Harry, Level 2 Performing Arts

I started this course after completing my GCSEs here at Activate Learning, where I received a Level 6 in English.

There is a lot of scope on what we can achieve on this course. Working solo and in groups is easy and fun through with the spacious performing stages here. 

During the course we have completed many different plays, currently we are working on one as a team called, ‘Bouncers and Shakers.’ Previously, I have worked more independently, on a play about identity and misunderstood villains, which I wrote myself and designed my own costume for.

Through the guidance of my teachers, I used the theory of what I learn when writing my the monologues of  the striking traits villain, who is evil yet sympathetic. Dramatic effect is created through my gradual scene setting, a technique to create sympathy between the audience and the characters. Next, the emotions fluctuate. I have adopted a style of concealing the story, so that the viewer is provoked to question what is real. People really enjoyed this personal work I made, it is my favourite performance of mine!

You are not limited in this course, you have freedom to say what you want to say, choose where you want to go and use your imagination!

With easy access and lots of opportunity to act and dance in diverse ways and of using musical equipment.

Piece by piece, I am developing as an actor, drawing on my personal interests.

I began writing my own book in the first lockdown, two years ago and it filters into my course, having influenced my villain monologues. I want to publish this book and develop it into a production. The complex plot unravels as a murder mystery, where the protagonist is a police officer, the criminal is sadistic and carries out his own investigations to sway away the truth.

This course builds your confidence, I no longer suffer from stage-fright.

You also learn skills to take home with you, like how to interact with others and pride gained from teachers’ supportive praise.

Once I complete this course, I will progress to Level 3 and then drama school for the future, beyond that is a creative cloud of possibility. I just know I want to be an actor, on stage or screen!