Mo, FdA Furniture Design and Make

This course was the perfect progression for me to become the maker as well as the designer of my creations.

Prior to starting the Furniture Design and Make course at the Oxford campus, I completed an interior design degree in Dubai. Here, there was a lot of metallic, polished and standardised shapes. My perspective has changed moving to Oxford, as there is a lot of variation in this city. Living somewhere new is a different experience from travelling, it’s allowed me to absorb the intricacies of a place and noticed how every building is unique.

Being international, this course has allowed me to meet people from different backgrounds. Studying here is inclusive, flexible and easy-going.

This kind of open environment means I can feel relaxed yet courageous and pushed in my work, which is evident, even after only a year of being here.

I’ve been designing independently for a while, yet here at the Rycotewood workshops I have gained invaluable experience about making and design, beyond just interiors.

Personally, I’ve found that the intersection between interior design and this course arrives at lighting fixtures. The reason I find these interesting is how light can be incorporated into shelving and tables in a surreal way.

My advice for people joining the course is, experiment and don’t be scared, I was initially and quickly realised there are no limits.

Next in my creative journey, I will use my skills with form and engineering to make a piece of furniture that pushes the boundaries of visual illusion. I want people to see my pieces and think, “how is this possible?”

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