Rio, FdA Furniture Design and Make

My initial joy for design is from my two years in City in Guilds, woodwork was my favourite course.

Thanks to this course, I have found my niche in furniture design, which is in chairs and tables.

I am interested in the different dimensions of chairs and tables, such as the legs, tops and different types of woods to craft these. I have a lot of opportunity here to experiment with various woods, I look forward to working with walnut wood specifically.

I really enjoy the course and the wider city around the Oxford Activate Learning campus. Training here has helped me to absorb inspiration beyond the workshop, whilst roaming the streets, I have an eye for details of buildings.

Having design briefs that are varied means I have been able to work with many techniques, such as veneering.

I am particularly looking forward to the Design and Make chair project, where I will have complete freedom, alongside the support of my tutors. Previously, I have worked within parameters to push my knowledge and prepare me to make personal works. With great resources, I have the motivation to create a multi-purpose table that will be interactive and open up.

Upon completion of this course, I look forward to working for a wood mill and different businesses with workshops as advanced as the one we have here.

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